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How Businesses Grow

How Businesses Grow

How Businesses Grow


Lifestyle changes in traditional periods are said to occur every 25 to 100 years, but no one even thought that in today’s modern world, a virus epidemic would cause a revolution in the world that would even ruin people’s lives. Divide the pre-corona and post-corona into two parts and change the lifestyles of people in different societies in a few months.


Until a few months ago, cultural sociologists and lifestyle experts believed that this period of change had become much shorter since free access and the pervasiveness of social media, but they now see the world corona pandemic as a revolution in style theorizing. Life is considered to have exceptionally been able to fundamentally change people’s lifestyles in less than a few months.


An event that had the greatest impact on people’s lifestyles, especially in the economic sphere, and caused the owners of goods or services to think of creating new ways to persuade the public about the type of spending of limited financial resources, especially the outbreak of coronavirus. It has negatively affected the income of many small or large business owners.


Unrealistic and flat colors, the decorative role of light, large frames, the existence of planning and multi-zone capability of the works of art were among the requirements of packaging design. On the other hand, Iranian miniatures always encourage the audience to unite with each other.



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