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Gas From McDonald’s Billboard

Gas From McDonald’s Billboard

Gas From McDonald’s Billboard

When you think that food advertising is no better than it already is, someone finds a way to snatch the lead from the rest in today’s competitive world. With the unveiling of a street billboard on the streets of Paris, McDonald’s recently drew public attention to its unconventional ad design



McDonald’s, a huge fast food restaurant chain, has captivated people with its clever and innovative design of a series of billboards, although it does not need to convince people in a useful and effective way to visit its branches.


Three street light billboards in the city of Paris, decorated with pictures of two famous McDonald burgers and a dish of French fries, are installed. These three billboards are not the same kind of regular rectangular billboards that many of us are used to, but this time someone took a bite out of them.


Unrealistic and flat colors, the decorative role of light, large frames, the existence of planning and multi-zone capability of the works of art were among the requirements of packaging design. On the other hand, Iranian miniatures always encourage the audience to unite with each other.



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